Bring Your Model Train Into Today's World

Model trains from a place like Ann's Hobby Center are a fun hobby for many people. An interesting part of a model train hobby is building an environment for your train to travel in. Traditionally, model train environments have reproduced scenes from the past with turn of the century buildings and rural details. To update your model train environment, you could add some scenes that are prevalent in today's world. Here are some contemporary scenes that are often seen today that could add some interest and humor to your model train environment:  

  • Political Demonstration Rally:  Today's news coverage is filled with politics and public demonstrations. In your model train environment, you can add a political rally with a speaker, a crowd of people holding signs, banners, and flags, individual news reporters with video tape crews, and news cameras above the scene on ladders extending from news trucks. These rallies have a lot of different people in attendance with adults, teenagers, children, the elderly, and people in work uniforms. You could also depict an all-female rally. A few news reporters could interview people with microphones in hand and a small camera crew.
  • Movie or TV Company Filming:  Film and TV production companies are plentiful in today's world. You can add a film crew with a director, actors, extras, cameras, lighting equipment, sound booms, and white light reflectors. Equipment trucks, makeup trailers, and other behind-the-scenes technicians can be added next to the actual scene being filmed. Familiar actors could be depicted in a well-known movie or TV program. A crowd of enthusiastic fans could be cordoned off to the side waving for autographs and the attention of the actors. Guards and policemen controlling the crowds could be added for a dramatic effect.
  • Small Details:  Small details can be added to any environment to give it a contemporary feel. You can add graffiti to any building or upright structure. Traffic jams can be added to any small or large area. Billboards, directional signage, telephone polls, and passenger cars can also be included in any area. For fun, you can even position a small drone over your environment. 

You can have a very unique and entertaining contemporary model train environment by updating it to reflect current events. These additions and scenes can continually change as the news of the day changes. Let your imagination take you into today's world and have fun with your ideas.