Whip Up Some Fun By Learning To Bullwhip – Tips To Get Started With Whip Cracking

You may think of old westerns and cowboys cracking their whips to get their horses to run faster. You may not know that bull whipping is a type of sport, which is also known as whip cracking. Whip cracking is using a whip to break targets and manipulate targets in many ways. Skilled whip crackers can do amazing tricks with their whip. If this interests you, below are some tips to get you started in whipping.

Choose the Right Bullwhip

It is important that you start out using the right bullwhip. First, you need to learn the different materials bullwhips are made of. Some of these materials include:

Rawhide: This is a tough, durable materials that is often used when making bullwhips. You do need to be careful if you choose this type. This is because you want it made from 100% rawhide. In some cases, cheaper options are made with a rope core, which makes it much less durable. Make sure you ask about this if you find a rawhide bullwhip that you like.

Nylon: This is also a durable and tough material. It is much lighter when compared to leather bullwhips. For this reason, it has to be weighted so it can fly straight. Some nylon whips come with wax. This is because nylon will become hairy if the whip is used around rocks or on concrete.

Processed leather/raw hide: This type of material is durable and looks like raw hide. It will last you a long time if you take care of it well. When purchasing, make sure the inside core is made of leather because less expensive options have a rope core, and you do not want this.

Stay Safe

Learning how to bullwhip can be dangerous until you learn how to do it properly. For this reason, make sure you always wear eye protection. You do not want a whip flying around your head and snapping in your eyes. Purchase safety goggles that secure around your head and ensure the lenses cover your entire eyes.

You should also consider wearing jeans, as well as a jacket, to protect your skin. A bullwhip can cause severe injury if it snaps bare skin. Ear protection is also a good idea. Whip cracking can become loud, especially in the beginning when you may not be doing the techniques properly.

Wearing something on your head is also not a bad idea. You could look like a real cowboy and wear a cowboy hat, as this does offer you a lot of protection.

Now you are ready to start learning how to do whip cracking. To do this, find someone in your area that can train you. You can also purchase DVDs to learn the different techniques.