How Can Window Graphics Help Your Business Recover During The Pandemic?

Tension has been high for the last few months. Individuals and businesses alike have been feeling the strain created by COVID-19. As business owners regain the ability to serve customers, they must find a way to restore their revenue. Decorative items like peel-and-stick window graphics can help. Here are four ways you can use window graphics to help your business recover.

1. Let customers know you're open for business.

Customers have gotten out of the habit of shopping. Many have become used to the new sense of normalcy established during the lockdown. They may wish to visit your store but expect that it's still closed, like many other stores. You can use window graphics to let customers know that you're open and accepting patrons.

2. Inform customers of new policies.

Businesses have had to adapt to new safety regulations. Limiting the number of people in the building at any given time, enforcing social distancing, and requiring face masks can make everyone safer. Some customers are still getting used to these changes. Reminding customers of these rules in a low-conflict, nonjudgmental way is key for success. You can use custom window graphics to state your new policies. Have the important rules printed on a window graphic, and place it in on the door to your business. Customers can read it as they enter and adjust their behavior accordingly.

3. Offer sales and other incentives.

Many people are still hesitant to frequent nonessential stores because they fear getting sick. In order to entice customers, you may need to offer incentives that make it worth their while. Sales are a good way to get people in the door. When people are trying to be frugal due to economic uncertainty, bargains can encourage them to spend their money at your store. Use window graphics to advertise sales and other ongoing events. If you decide to start a new customer rewards program, let customers know through window graphics.

4. Keep your window graphics relevant.

The world changes quickly in light of the coronavirus. As news updates are released, businesses must be ready to pivot accordingly. Window graphics are removable and reusable, which means you can change them quickly. Don't get stuck with a single message. Rely on window graphics to allow you to tailor your marketing approach to the current needs and desires of consumers. Customers prefer businesses with messages and products relevant to their current lives.

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