Begin A Sterling Silver Thimble Collection

If you are interested in beginning a new collection that is reflective of your enjoyment of sewing, invest in some sterling silver thimbles and pick a complementary way to display them. Collectible thimbles can include antique pieces that were manufactured prior to the invention of the sewing machine or new silver pieces that each contain an etched or painted surface.

The Theme

Sterling silver thimbles include styles that are reflective of a specific era or that highlight a particular interest. Thimbles may contain colorful, hand-painted designs or custom etching, which is reflective of a theme. Think about how you can highlight one or more of your hobbies with your thimble collection. If you have a reason behind each thimble purchase, you will be motivated to add to your collection.

For example, if you like to travel, maybe focus on buying thimbles that contain etched writing that relates to a particular state, city, or monument. If you enjoy birds or flowers, purchase sterling silver thimbles that contain etched designs that feature your favorite bird or flower varieties or choose silver thimbles that have hand-painted pictures added to them.

Sterling silver items will contain printing on them, which will indicate that they are constructed of this metal type. Likewise, silver-plated items will contain markings that are indicative of the fact that they contain plating. With a thimble design, you may find the printing on the underside of a thimble. 

The Display

A revolving tray that contains an acrylic or glass cover is one type of display that will allow you to enjoy and show off all of your thimbles, without needing to remove them from the case. This type of display is similar to a lazy susan design that would be utilized in a kitchen or a pantry. The tray will remain stable when the display isn't being handled, but will slowly turn when pushed.

A tiered display that is covered or uncovered will provide ample room for a large collection. If you choose a display with removable tiers, display your collection with a targeted amount of space for the thimbles you own and gradually add more tiers, when your collection grows.

If you choose an uncovered display, you can handle the sterling silver pieces or clean them when desired, but there will be a risk of knocking the display over and losing one or more of your collectibles. With a tiered-display, lighting will highlight the beautiful sheen of the sterling silver pieces, plus will allow you or others to observe a collection, if you chose to purchase a display that contains a cover. Find sterling silver collective thimbles near you today.