A Sunday School Project That Will Inspire Your Class Members

The ability to express oneself while learning about the Bible could have an impact on how receptive your students are during a Sunday School session. Purchase some praying hands religious figurines and provide your class members with art supplies and scriptures that can be used to adorn each statue.

Figurine Style And Size

Praying hands figurines are symbolic of hope. People of any denomination may appreciate the simplicity of a figurine that symbolizes a pair of praying hands. An individual who looks at this type of statue may focus on God's promise of an afterlife or may use a statue as an accompaniment to a personal prayer session.

Purchase some plain ceramic statues that have not been glazed. Ceramics that are unfinished are mass-produced in molds. Ceramic products will have a grainy texture. The definition displayed on an unfinished ceramic product will allow a youngster to see the outline of each finger and hand that is clasped together and intertwined in a prayer format.

The type of statue that you choose for each of your class members should be reflective of your students' ages. Statues with elaborate details may be better suited for teen class members. A small or large-sized statue that doesn't contain as much detail may be better-suited for youngsters who do not have a lot of hand-eye coordination. 

Craft Materials

Coordinate the art project with a particular scripture or Bible verse that you have been teaching your class. Print out the scripture or verse that your class is focusing on. Small slips of paper that contain the wording that you are teaching your students can be affixed to the front of each praying hands statue. An adhesive will be needed to secure a paper slip to each statue.

Furnish paint, glitter glue, clear glaze, and brushes that your students can use to decorate their statues. Some praying hands figurines may feature sleeves, which can be painted one or more colors. The hands themselves can be painted another color. If each statue is affixed to a ceramic base, each base can be used to display one of the paper slips. It can also be painted with a variety of paint colors that you offer to your students.

While your class members are working on the craft project, use the time to verbalize the meaning behind a pair of praying hands and to elaborate upon the lesson that you and your class members have been studying at church.