Begin A Sterling Silver Thimble Collection

If you are interested in beginning a new collection that is reflective of your enjoyment of sewing, invest in some sterling silver thimbles and pick a complementary way to display them. Collectible thimbles can include antique pieces that were manufactured prior to the invention of the sewing machine or new silver pieces that each contain an etched or painted surface. The Theme Sterling silver thimbles include styles that are reflective of a specific era or that highlight a particular interest.

How Can Window Graphics Help Your Business Recover During The Pandemic?

Tension has been high for the last few months. Individuals and businesses alike have been feeling the strain created by COVID-19. As business owners regain the ability to serve customers, they must find a way to restore their revenue. Decorative items like peel-and-stick window graphics can help. Here are four ways you can use window graphics to help your business recover. 1. Let customers know you're open for business. Customers have gotten out of the habit of shopping.